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The Learning Prep School nursing department is caring and experienced — particularly in the special needs of students with language-based learning disabilities.  It’s mission is to work collaboratively with staff and parents to support student health, safety and overall well-being in order to ensure the best possible academic opportunity.

School days: Nurses are on duty 7:30 am - 3:00 pm.

After school: Nurses are on duty Monday - Thursday, 2:30 - 4:00 pm.

Please note: there is no nursing coverage during extra-curricular activities held after 4:00 pm.  We highly recommend that a parent be present on the grounds if their child's condition may require emergency medical services.  For significant medical issues, including, but not limited to: anaphylactic reactions, cardiac issues, diabetic issues and seizures, 911 will be utilized.  If a student requires an Epi-Pen, glucometer and/or an inhaler, they should have one with them at the event.

Contact us at nurses@learningprep.org


Student Health Policies And Procedures

Our nursing department supports LPS students in multiple ways.  Students may be sent to the nursing office for health assessment and care for a range of concerns, from common problems like colds and coughs to potentially life-threatening situations.  Students also seek advice, support and education around health issues.

Nurses will begin with a physical assessment (e.g., temperature, vital signs).  They will then take appropriate measures, such as having the student rest in the health office or return to class, or calling parents if student is to be sent home. Nurses will also suggest any follow-up with the primary health care provider or, if necessary, call emergency services.

A student may be sent home/or need to stay home for the following reasons:

100.0 or higher.  The student needs to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Frequent episodes (2 or more times) of loose, watery, or bloody stools.  Students may return to school 24 hours after last episode.

The student must be able to tolerate food and fluids without vomiting before returning to school.

A constant cough, productive cough and/or continuous thick nasal discharge (yellowish/greenish), causing inability to stay in class.

Your child will be sent home if any rash of unknown cause (blistered or with discharge/drainage) is noticed in order to be evaluated by their health care provider.  Students must be rash free, or have a provider’s note on letterhead stating that they are not contagious, before returning to school.

Students will be sent home if the school nurse determines that they are too ill to stay until the end of the day.  The parent/guardian will need to pick up or make other arrangements for their child.

Emergency Injury or Illness

Parents will be notified by phone of any major injuries or illnesses.  If all parent contact numbers are attempted unsuccessfully, the identified emergency contact person/s will be called.  In a life-threatening or potentially disabling emergency, students will be transported by EMS to Newton Wellesley Hospital immediately.  In the case of a non-life-threatening emergency, nurses will administer first aid and the parent will be notified that the student needs further evaluation at the hospital.

Exclusion Policy For Suspected Communicable Conditions

All contagious health conditions need to be reported immediately to the nurse so that the proper persons can be notified and appropriate policies implemented.  Any student suspected to have a contagious condition will be restricted from school per policy.

A student will not be permitted to re-enter school until the condition has resolved and/or evidence of medical intervention is obtained.  A note on letterhead from the student’s health care provider will be required in order for the student to re-enter school.

Students may return to school after 24 hours of antibiotic treatment.

Chicken Pox (Varicella):
Students may return to school 6 days after rash appears once all blisters are crusted over and dry.

Head Lice/Nits:
LPS has a “NO NIT” policy.

Strep Throat:
Students may return 24 hours after beginning antibiotic treatment.

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye):
Pink eye needs to be treated by a health care provider.  A student may return with a provider’s note (on letterhead) after 24 hours of antibiotic ointment or drops.

Please call the nursing office if your child will be absent due to a contagious illness and/or if you have any questions or concerns.


If a student has been injured at home, we ask parents to seek medical attention from their own health care provider prior to returning to school.  Students having physical restrictions/injuries (such as casts, crutches, slings, braces, or splints) and/or activity restrictions (excuses from gym class, Work Study, OT, Daycare, Horticulture, Food Service, etc…) will require a note on letterhead from their provider allowing them to return to school and describing exact limitations. Students need to report to the nurse’s office before going to class.  The parent/guardian must call your child's principal to discuss possible schedule changes as soon as possible.

Please call the nursing office prior to the student returning to school.  Students must have a note from their health care provider stating the reason they need crutches, anticipated length of use and that they can safely use them in school. Upon returning to school, the student must first report to the nurse’s office to be evaluated.

For more information about Influenza (the Flu) please check out more information on the Center for Disease Control website

EpiPen Recall

For information regarding the April 2017 Mylar EpiPen recall, click here.

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