A Marathon Reflection; Amy Davis, Elementary/Middle School Principal

02 May 2019 9:27 AM | Anonymous

Running the Boston Marathon is an adventure in every way. From the start of the training in the cold January months to the big day in April it is always a logistical feat to fit in the training runs around the chaos of school and home life. In the week/days leading up to the marathon you’d think there would be a sense of calm in that “there is nothing more you can do now” theory but our Boston Marathon always throws us a curve ball.

This year I spent the week prior to the marathon frequently refreshing the Weather Channel app on my phone and was willing to talk about the weather to just about anyone, as long as they were reporting a favorable forecast. The big day gave us a mixed bag of results; fear when I first woke up to pouring rain that in fact it could be as bad as last year, happiness as the morning cleared up, but then angst over the high humidity, sun and heat as I started to feel it on the course at mile 2. We just can’t win! Reflecting back I thought, "There's a lesson here": no matter how much one prepares (and I felt pretty prepared this year) life can always throw you a curve ball. We work hard at LPS to help those students who always seem to be thrown curve balls. While no one can anticipate every scenario, we try to prepare our students and give them the resources and strategies to keep going and finish the race. Running Boston is one of the hardest marathons because of terrain and the ever-variable conditions, yet people come from all around the world to compete and be able to say “I ran the Boston Marathon.” Every student at LPS runs their own educational marathon and should be so proud of their accomplishments. “A finish is a win!”

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