Fighting the Winter Doldrums; Jennifer Thorell, High School Principal

23 Jan 2019 9:27 AM | Anonymous

Dark, Cold, Snowy, icy….all are words that can be used to describe our New England winters. We go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. We get the winter messes like we did this weekend and wish we were in warmer weather. The snowblower doesn’t work and the stores are out of ice-melt because it was 50 degrees last week and no one was really thinking of snow. We battle the lines at the grocery store for the makings of french toast that we won’t be able to make if we lose power anyway! No wonder some us find ourselves down and less productive during these months!

Finding ways to fight the winter doldrums and embrace our crazy New England weather can be challenging at times but when we make the effort to change the way we feel about winter, we become happier and more productive in our jobs, relationships, in school etc. Here are some pointers to help:

Let the sunshine in! Any bit of sunshine can lift spirits. Open the shades and let it in.

Get moving (and outside). Exercise has been scientifically proven to improve your emotional well-being. Even 20 minutes a day can help. Getting outside in the fresh air can also do wonders for your mood. Bundle-up for a brisk walk and take a deep breath!

Get together with friends/ family. It is tempting to hunker down in your PJs and slippers when the sun and the thermometer goes down but spending time with others in or outside the home can boost your spirits. Plan a game night, go bowling, walk the local shopping mall together!

With a few changes, we can all successfully make it through another New England winter. Soon enough, the snow will melt, the flowers will bloom, and we will be complaining about how hot and humid it is. Remember as Mark Twain said…..”If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.”

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