An introduction to maaps; Dave Morrissette, Chief Financial Officer

18 Dec 2018 9:43 AM | Anonymous

The following explains who maaps is and the benefits that maaps can provide to faculty of 766 schools and parents of special education students:

“The Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (maaps) was founded in 1978 as a statewide association of approved private special education schools dedicated to providing educational programs and services to students with special needs.”

There are 81 member schools serving approximately 7000 students. “Membership in maaps signifies a commitment to excellence and ethical integrity. maaps is concerned that all children with special needs have access to appropriate, high quality educational experiences and treatment options which are necessary for their individual growth and development.”

Through their Professional Development Groups (including Education Directors and Principals, Chief Financial Officers and Business Managers, and Emerging Leaders), maaps provides timely and relevant workshops. Topics covered in their workshops have included Program Reconstruction, IT Disaster Recovery, Importance of IRS Form 990, Supporting Families through Separation and Divorce, MCAS and Accommodations, Occupational Therapy in the Classroom, Coaching for Excellence, Influencing Organizational Culture (Chaired by Ted Sharp), Special Education Law, and Employment Law. The speakers at the workshops are experts currently working in the field. The workshops help to keep leaders and employees at 766 schools engaged in important topics that affect all special education students. Learning Prep School has benefited significantly from these workshops.

In addition to providing training workshops, the maaps Action Network provides an easy to use online portal for Massachusetts residents to contact their legislators regarding budget or policy issues that affect 766 schools. Signing up is easy to do and can be done online at the maaps website. Once you sign up, you will receive emails from maaps inviting you to respond to your legislators. The communication will be directed at the appropriate legislators based on your legal residence. The Action Network has been instrumental in assuring that 766 schools receive the appropriate funding to provide service to special education students.

There is also a helpful section for parents. The “For Parents” section covers such topics as College Resources for Students with Disabilities, Tips on Finding a Good School, Common Abbreviations used in special education, and Evidence Based Practices.

I encourage you to visit the maaps website to better understand all that is offered by visiting their website at

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