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The Learning Prep School (A Division of the Little People's School hereafter referred to as LPS) has been serving language and learning disabled students from over 145 communities in Massachusetts in an innovative educational program since 1970.  LPS is a private day educational program, located in West Newton, Massachusetts for special needs students, conforming to Mass. Public Law 766. Students at Learning Prep have complex learning profiles including dyslexia, expressive/receptive language issues, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, limited social pragmatics, and executive functioning challenges.

When we first opened our doors, we were called Little People’s School for grades 2 and 3 and our campus, at the time, was located at 660 Beacon Street, Boston, in the heart of Kenmore Square.


                Then 1970 Now 2019

A year later we moved to our current location in West Newton, MA next to the St. Bernard Parish in 1971. The new facility was not quite ready to open for the school year, but true to our pioneer spirit, everyone pitched in. Teachers, staff, and parents came together to clean, paint, and move blackboards, desks, books, and other essential school supplies. The School expanded in 1973 by adding our High School, and we changed the school’s name to Learning Prep School. In 1976 we obtained use of our gymnasium, which has been a place for many spirited competitions and great memories. We were also one of the first school’s in our region to develop a Work Study program that has become a significant component of LPS today.

In the spring of 1982, we began construction of our campus greenhouse, which has become an integral component of our program. The greenhouse has recently gone through a major renovation in 2018.


In the year 2000, the high school building was expanded to include a new cafeteria that serves as a gathering place for school meals as well as community events. In addition, administrative offices and classrooms were incorporated into the new structure to facilitate School needs.

In 2002, LPS began using a system of visual tools called Thinking Maps to teach students to think on their own and process information independently. The Consumer Skills Program was added to the high school’s curriculum at the beginning of the 2015-2016 School year, and for the 2018-19 School year, we introduced our Student Citizenship Program to all LPS students.

Much has changed over the years at Learning Prep School, and yet, low student/teacher ratios and highly competent, confident and dedicated staff remain at the heart of the teaching and learning dynamic. At LPS students fit in, make friends, explore their interests, build confidence, and develop life skills at their own pace, acquiring knowledge that will carry them through life.

Many of our graduates go on to two and four-year college programs, while others enter the workforce. The journey LPS students make during their time on campus is regarded as transformational, uplifting, and rewarding.

Learning Prep School provides an individualized language-based program to students with complex learning profiles, including dyslexia, expressive/receptive language issues, autism spectrum disorder, and social communication disorder.

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