Students at Learning Prep School have the opportunity to take horticulture as an elective. Classes take place in our recently renovated greenhouse on campus. In the fall LPS horticulture students learn the basics of greenhouse maintenance and plant care, work in the garden, and get used to greenhouse workflow and teamwork. In the winter horticulture, students take care of their own personal plant, grow herbs and vegetables, and practice planning for the spring. In the spring they learn to start a garden and get to practice customer service and general plant care. In May and June, the greenhouse is open for business to customers in our community to purchase houseplants, flowers, herbs, and vegetable seedlings to plant in local gardens.

LPS Horticulture students learn planning and organizational skills, patience, work ethic, environmental awareness, mindfulness, nutrition, healthy eating, and much, much more. Students also learn entrepreneurial and marketing skills while running our greenhouse as a business.

Many of our vegetables and herbs are utilized in our collaborative farm to table program with our LPS Food Services Team so everyone in our community can enjoy the benefits of our program.

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