Learning Prep School is committed to expanding and enhancing our student’s understanding of core content knowledge, as well as acquiring and refining the skills required to navigate challenges and avail themselves of the opportunities they will likely experience in life. Teaching and learning are designed to develop self-confidence through inquiry, analysis, problem-solving, and self-advocacy, enabling each student to have the competence and the confidence to accept responsibility for their own learning and their own actions.

Daily life

The LPS student has an individualized schedule, with no more than 8 students per class. A typical day includes 5 core academic periods: English Language Arts, Reading Comprehension, Math, Social Studies, and Science. In addition to related services including speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling, the students participate in Health & Student Issues, Physical Education and a variety of electives.

The classroom setting

LPS provides an individualized language-based program with specially designed instruction within a safe, secure and highly structured classroom setting. Our students are taught in small groups with similar functional language levels, compensatory needs and academic skills.


Teachers tailor classroom materials to the reading levels of each group. In all classes, students work on reading, writing and communication skills while they learn basic subject content following the Common Core Curriculum, using entry points when needed. Classroom teaching ranges from teacher-directed to independent activities while using multi-sensory methods to reinforce learning and accommodate a variety of learning styles. Our instructional methods assist with the preparation of annual state testing (MCAS), and all appropriate IEP accommodations are provided.


Technology helps students utilize their strengths to compensate or "workaround" learning challenges. Beginning in the Elementary/Middle School, students use iPads within the classroom setting, navigating apps to enhance the curriculum. As they move into the High School, students are assigned Chromebooks to utilize in the classroom and at home. In addition, computer classes focus on developing fundamental skills and digital citizenship. On-site assistance and consultation are provided by our Assistive Technology Specialist in accordance with student’s IEPs.


We have always believed that a range of elective offerings enriches the lives of our students, helps them find their interests and passions, builds self-esteem, and develops real-world problem-solving skills. At LPS, we believe educating students for life; students need electives to balance their academic schedule to enhance their educational experience.

Middle School electives include Horticulture, Art, Computers/Technology, and Food Service (Middle school). High School electives include: Horticulture, Art, Computers/Technology, Food Service, Yearbook, Movie Making, and Child Care.

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