Language Based Learning Environment

All classes are run as language-based. This means our specially-trained teachers and related service providers are applying the 7 themes of language-based learning in their small groups, using consistent instructional language. All teachers are practicing the themes: Orient, Preview & Review, Connect, Modify, Model, Routine and Multimodal.

Safe Learning Environment

Creating a safe environment where students feel comfortable taking learning and social risks has always been a key component to student success at Learning Prep School. LPS is committed to addressing and preventing all forms of bullying and other harmful and disruptive behavior that can impede the learning process.


Our school-based counseling services focus on helping students further develop their social, organizational and problem-solving skills, as well as other issues related to coping with their language-based learning disability. The Counseling Department consists of licensed, masters-level clinicians who see students for weekly counseling, provide check-ins, case management, and teach Health and Student Issues classes. Frequent communication with staff, parents and outside professionals assists with individualized progress toward social emotional goals.

Student Citizenship

Character education is at the heart of our school, providing a healthy, vibrant culture that embraces our approach to advance the personal integrity of each member of the community, staff, as well as students. The core principles are embedded in a code of conduct that delineates the core values of the school. These five core values include respect, honesty, courage, compassion, and responsibility. These values are advanced through common reads, by integration throughout the educational program, and by modeling. At LPS we are dedicated to this work, to applying the same intense focus to the affective needs of our students that we bring to their cognitive needs.

Thinking Maps®

Thinking Maps® provide a visual language that works in every grade, every subject, and at any level of academic activity. Students are able to organize and see their own thinking, and teachers can observe the students' thinking processes. As students become fluent in Thinking Maps®, they’re able to apply multiple skills to problem-solve and develop higher-level, inferential thinking and cognitive skills. Learning Prep School has been nationally recognized by the Thinking Foundation with the first Dr. Albert Upton Award for our "groundbreaking, foundational work on the facilitation of thinking through the use of Thinking Maps®”. LPS is featured in Visual Tools for Transforming Information into Knowledge by David Hyerle, available on Amazon.

Speech/Language Therapy

The LPS Speech and Language Department focuses on communication skill-building allow us to address a variety of challenges that affect oral, written and social language, as well as oral motor production, articulation, voice and central auditory processing disorders. Services are delivered in 1:1, small group and integrated classroom settings.

Occupational Therapy

Skills addressed in OT sessions vary according to each student’s needs. A wide variety of techniques are utilized, ranging from arts and crafts projects, pencil and paperwork, technology and board games, to strengthening and coordination exercises. As student’s progress, skill areas are addressed within the context of practical learning experiences. Students engage in various activities involving life skills and age-appropriate “jobs” around the school. Work-related vocabulary and basic work behaviors are emphasized throughout the curriculum while developing executive functioning skills.

Social Communication

Our approach to social communication is based on the work of Michelle Garcia Winner, more specifically, her Social Thinking©(external link) curriculum, which views social skills as dynamic and situational skills that evolve from thinking about how one wants to be perceived. Because all LPS staff utilize these concepts, they have a common understanding of the foundational skills and knowledge which create successful social communication, and the strategies and language which help to foster the development of these skills. Additional support for social communication is provided through positive reinforcement as well as speech & health classes, where pragmatic skills are taught.

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