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Ted Sharp

Ted Sharp

Executive Director

Gettysburg College, B.A., History
Bridgewater State University, M.ED

tsharp@learningprep.org  |  ext. 120

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When I’m not working . . .

“I enjoy traveling, reading history and biographies and spending time with my family.”

Why Learning Prep?

“I find the mission of LPS compelling, to provide an educational program dedicated to meeting the academic and social emotional needs of students with mild to moderate language-based learning disabilities."

Amy Davis

Elementary and Middle School Principal

Syracuse University, B.A., Psychology and minor in Special Education
Boston College, M.A., Counseling Psychology
Cambridge College, C.A.G.S., Counseling Psychology

adavis@learningprep.org  |  ext. 407

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When I’m not working . . .

“I love spending time with family and friends; I have run the Boston Marathon 10 times; I love to cook; I love reading at the beach in the summer; my family enjoys rock climbing, camping, and skiing together; my favorite place is the Cape.”

Why Learning Prep?

“I love my job (not everyone can say that). I love what I do, who I work with, and the students’ and families’ lives that I affect. What I value most about Learning Prep is the incredibly dedicated, intelligent, and caring teaching staff. Learning Prep is a wonderful community of families and professionals all working together and caring about the same things.

At Learning Prep there is an incredible team that understands that it has been a potentially hard path to get yourself to LPS and that we understand that it hasn't been an easy road for you or your student to make it here. We take on the responsibility at that point of teaching your child. We understand it is our responsibility to teach your student how to be a learner and then teach them to learn. Something that makes such a difference is hearing a parent say 'my child has a friend for the first time,' everyone needs a friend and kids make friends here."

Jennifer Thorell, LICSW

High School Principal

SUNY Albany, MSW
Regents College, UK
University of New Hampshire, B.A., Psychology

jthorell@learningprep.org  |  ext. 300

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When I’m not working . . .

“I love spending time with my family and friends and enjoy traveling, reading, camping, cooking, and the beach.”

Why Learning Prep?

“I came to Learning Prep because I wanted to work in a school environment and instantly realized that I had found my niche. I truly love being part of a dedicated, caring community of faculty, families and students, all working to achieve each student’s maximum potential. To witness our students facing learning challenges on a daily basis with such perseverance is a humbling, yet inspiring experience and one I feel honored to be a part of.”

Dave Morrissette

Chief Financial Officer

Accountancy, Bentley College, B. S.

dmorrissette@learningprep.org  |  ext. 210

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When I’m not working . . .

“I’m a member of CFO Roundtable, Treasurers’ Club of Boston, and Bentley Executive Club”

Why Learning Prep?

“I am very impressed with the level of professionalism and dedication of the faculty and staff to provide a safe and secure classroom environment.”

Gretchen Petersen

Chief Operating Officer

Simmons College School of Social Work, MSW
Framingham State University, B.A.

gpetersen@learningprep.org  |  ext. 310

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When I’m not working . . .

“I enjoy traveling and photography.”

Why Learning Prep?

“I have been at Learning Prep for 16 years. The supportive, accepting and caring environment is why I chose and continue to choose to be a part of this community. You can’t find a better group of staff, students and parents to work with.”

Susan S. Powers, MACP

Elementary/Middle School Dean of Students 

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Clinical Counseling Specialty
Massachusetts Licensed School Adjustment Counselor
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, B.S., Psychology

spowers@learningprep.org  |  ext. 406

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When I’m not working . . .

“I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. We enjoy nature and the outdoors (walking, hiking, camping, gardening), going to the movies, hanging out with my extensive family (I have 10 brothers and sisters!) and especially ‘Friday Family Movie Night’ at home.”

Why Learning Prep?

“When I started working here as a counselor in 1992 I knew I was in a special place. It is strange to think I would ever go anywhere else. I’ve always believed that students do well socially, behaviorally and academically if they can. I feel that I’ve found my niche in helping our students to feel safe so they can be productive, responsible and effective learners. I have a strong commitment to our core values of providing a safe learning environment and ‘This is important, you can do it, I will help you’. I feel lucky to be working in such a caring community with such dedicated staff.”

Korina Martin

Korina Martin

Director of Admissions & Marketing

University of New Hampshire, B.A., Psychology

kmartin@learningprep.org  |  ext. 226

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When I’m not working . . .

“I love to explore new places, try new restaurants and spend time with family and friends. I also plan/coordinate weddings occasionally, so I love to keep busy!

Why Learning Prep?

“I came to Learning Prep because I could tell the staff loved being here and it was magnetic. Any group of people who love what they do that much is hard to ignore. Once here I could see even more the power of what happens every day, and I love hearing new families report successes (often immediately) saying their child is a different kid because of LPS and it has made their family happier as a whole.”

alex magay

Alex S. Magay

Director of Advancement


University of Massachusetts, Amherst, M.A. Ed. Admin. 
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, B. A. Fine Arts

 amagay@learningprep.orgext. 262

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When I’m not working . . .

“I enjoy working out at my local YMCA, reading, cooking, hiking, gardening, traveling, and volunteering in my community with my local Rotary Club.”

Why Learning Prep?

“What attracted me to Learning Prep School is the mission and success that LPS has had helping children, and the dedication of the faculty and the energy of the administrative team. The positive impact of the teachers and counselors on the growth of our students is so dramatic I am very proud to be a member of the LPS team.”

Learning Prep School provides an individualized language-based program to students with complex learning profiles, including dyslexia, expressive/receptive language issues, autism spectrum disorder, and social communication disorder.

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