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To all the wonderful staff and administration:

I sit and read all the testimonials in your brochures for your school and I wish I could write that well.  I wish I could tell all your staff Thank You for everything they have done for my son. I read about how their previous schools just did not understand how to teach their child and how great it was when their child got to LPS. That's my story!

At the open house, you mentioned that a family thanked LPS for "giving our family back.”  That's my 

My son had such significant learning challenges.   I was not sure that LPS could help him.  In addition, he could not communicate to advocate for himself, which made things even harder.  I remember worrying about him changing classrooms, getting up at 6 am and being on the bus 1 hour each way every day, and all the things I didn't think he could do.

But he did it!  I am so proud of him!  My son passed the MCAS.  I feel so proud I feel like crying.  I just 
cannot believe we are here right now.  It has been a difficult journey but I feel we are on the top of the 
mountain.  But we are only half way there because now real life is about to begin.  I feel that LPS has 
been so helpful in preparing him for the future.

I cannot tell you how well your staff has done to help my son advocate and participate and be a regular 
student.  The combination of guidance counselor/ teachers has helped my child be successful. I really want to thank my son's guidance counselor, Meredith Sullivan, who has done a tremendous job 
helping my son to make friends and encourage his passion and, most of all advocate for himself.

I want to thank all of his teachers for their endless patience and encouragement they provided my son 
to do his work.

Thank you LPS,

A new parent

“[Our daughter] has truly grown over the last year, thanks to all the wonderful teachers that have taken the time to get to know [her] and to understand how she learns.  This is incredible for her self-esteem, and is a warm welcome for my husband and I to see our daughter learn in a manner in which she understands.   She gets it, and doesn’t need our help.  She has become that independent pre-teen and we are very happy to see that change. . . LPS is a wonderful community/family of understanding, support and new friendships, and we are very grateful!”          Parents of an 8th grader

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  • "We are so excited about Amelia's life and how wonderful it has become in no small part because of your marvelous staff and it's professionalism."                                                         A  Grandparent
  • "Our son has a future due to the dedication and expertise of the Learning Prep school!"
  • “Thank you so much for your wonderful school and the work you do with my grandson, Paul.”
  • “LPS has made a huge and positive change in Christopher and we are so pleased he is there and made it onto student council.  Keep us the good work.”                               A grandparent

Learning Prep School provides an individualized language-based program to students with complex learning profiles, including dyslexia, expressive/receptive language issues, autism spectrum disorder, and social communication disorder.

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