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Our students

Learning Prep students are involved throughout the school day. From the moment our teachers and counselors greet them during morning arrival, and continuing throughout their small classes and service sessions, our students experience a personalized level of attention from a staff that is well-equipped to understand and meet their needs. Student involvement is evident throughout our school, in projects, clubs, and every classroom. Our staff is equally involved in providing the right combination of accommodations and opportunities that help every student progress toward reaching personal potential.

Students at Learning Prep have complex learning profiles including dyslexia, expressive/receptive language issues, autism spectrum disorder, and social communication disorder. Our individualized language-based program allows our students to make significant gains. Our learners are taught in a safe environment, in small classes, grouped by skill level, using direct teaching methods and individualized instruction. The deep integration of services in speech, counseling, and occupational therapy provides a uniquely collaborative approach among our staff, creating a program appropriately responsive to each child's academic growth and personal achievement.

Students benefit from Learning Prep's individualized language-based program due to complex learning profiles including dyslexia, expressive/receptive language issues, autism spectrum disorder, and social communication disorder.

Our students typically have associated needs in one or more of the following areas:

  • Independent use of strategies
  • Problem solving
  • Self-advocacy
  • Academic frustration
  • Social skill development
  • Transition planning

While most of our students are diagnosed with a language-based learning disability, some students have also successfully attended our school with additional diagnoses.

Our program:

  • Safe Learning Environment: Safe and supportive with low classroom ratio (8:1 maximum).
  • Developmentally Attuned: Students ages 8-21 are grouped homogeneously within our Elementary, Middle and High School facilities.
  • Curriculum: Our CCSS-aligned curriculum focuses on language acquisition.
  • Instruction: Individualized instruction provides necessary accommodations and promotes gradual development of student responsibility.
  • Certified Professionals: All Learning Prep staff meet requirements of DESE such as teacher certification, related services licensure and ongoing professional development.
  • Integrative Related Services: Clinical counselors, speech & language pathologists and occupational therapists support IEP goals and provide on-site consultation to teachers.
  • Personalized Attention: All students meet weekly with a licensed counselor during a dedicated class period (not a “pull-out”); the counselor also serves as liaison to parents.
  • Health & Student Issues: Students attend a Health & Life Issues disability awareness class led by a licensed clinical counselor, learning self-awareness and self-advocacy.
  • Thinking Maps®: Based on the work of Dr. David Hyerle, the staff is trained at all levels to use Thinking Maps in the development of student processing, organization and language skills. LPS students develop mastery in using these powerful tools in addressing a variety of academic and cognitive challenges.
  • Social Communication: All staff are trained to use social communication to teach pragmatics in classrooms, hallways, and varied aspects of school life. Our entire campus affords many opportunities for “teachable moments” in the social skill development of each child.
  • Transition: During the school day, Work/Study and College/Career programs prepare seniors for transition to adulthood, including academic courses, life skills instruction and career internships. Internship sites include a variety of off-campus options, as well as on-campus opportunities such as culinary arts, horticulture and daycare.  In most years, 85-90% of our seniors opt to pursue post-graduate studies.

A High School Language Art class

The Elementary/Middle School

Learning Prep is a community of supported learners and families

Learning Prep School provides an individualized language-based program to students with complex learning profiles, including dyslexia, expressive/receptive language issues, autism spectrum disorder, and social communication disorder.

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