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The day your child joins Learning Prep School, and/or the day that you became a member of the school staff, you become a member of Partners In Education (PIE) at LPS. Partners In Education is an association that includes parents and staff of Learning Prep School.

The aim of PIE is to promote and enhance the character, culture, and values of the educational program offered at LPS, and to forge a unified, vibrant, caring community of support for Learning Prep School.

Participating in PIE activities is a great way to make new friends, share experiences, and learn more about the extended school community.

Partners In Education is not governance, nor an administrative organization. The LPS Board of Directors serve as the governing body of the school and the Executive Director and senior administrators serve as the administration of the school. In addition, the school hosts two meetings each school year as mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Education. They are called Parent Advisory Group meetings, designed to focus on the state of the school and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on the salient and timely focus points of the school, including the health, education, and safety of our students. The rationale for The Partners In Education organization is to provide support for the students and teachers by providing a range of activities and events each year designed to bring the various constituencies of the school together to advance and to celebrate the LPS community.

Fundraising is a significant part of PIE activities. With the funds raised through these activities, PIE supports various school and community initiatives in an effort to give back to the extended school community and to promote a sense of social responsibility in our children.

Partners in Education Executive Committee:

Nikki McCay, Parent

Genie Peterson, Parent

Zandra Zuraw, Parent

Ted Sharp, Interim Executive Director

Gretchen Petersen, Chief Operating Officer

Amy Davis, Elementary/Middle School Principal

Jennifer Thorell, High School Principal


May 10, 2018, 8:30 AM: Initial meeting of the PIE Executive Committee, LPS High School Community Room

Please Note: All parents/guardians may attend PIE meetings or may call-in to them.

We encourage you to consider being a candidate to serve as a grade span representative on the Partners In Education (PIE) Executive Committee.

Learning Prep School provides an individualized language-based program to students with complex learning profiles, including dyslexia, expressive/receptive language issues, autism spectrum disorder, and social communication disorder.

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