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OUR Mission

To provide an individualized language-based learning program in a safe, secure and structured environment that helps students develop competency in oral and written communication, organization, and practical life skills through pre-vocational training and positive social pragmatic work.  LPS helps students develop self-esteem through the mastery of problem solving and self-advocacy, gradually leading to student independence.

OUR Philosophy

At Learning Prep School, we’ve observed that most students with complex learning profiles do not learn incidentally from the environment as many other students do. Our students often demonstrate deficits in the acquisition of language and in their ability to access competencies they’ve acquired. Their ability to understand social and non-literal meaning is often impaired as well.

LPS provides an individualized language-based program with specially designed instruction within a safe, secure and highly structured classroom setting.

Our students are taught in small groups with similar functional language levels, compensatory needs and academic skills. In each class, students work on the same subject, at the same level, simultaneously. Students and teachers work cooperatively and interact throughout the entire lesson. In this way, language is constantly stimulated and structured. Teachers use multi-sensory (i.e., visual, auditory and kinesthetic) teaching to reinforce learning and to accommodate a variety of learning styles.

Teachers tailor instructional materials to the reading levels of each group. In all classes, students work on reading, writing and communication skills while they learn basic subject content. Instruction ranges from teacher-controlled to independent activities. This fosters each student's responsibility for his or her own learning. The program actively engages the student in the learning process. Students reflect on their ability to learn and their style of learning, to recognize success and progress and to self-advocate. In addition, the faculty helps students access prior knowledge in all learning situations and guides them to generalize, integrate and transfer new content and skills.

Learning Prep School provides an individualized language-based program to students with complex learning profiles, including dyslexia, expressive/receptive language issues, autism spectrum disorder, and social communication disorder.

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