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An innovative and safe learning environment.

Actively engaging students in all steps of the learning process.

We Educate Students for Life.

The Approach is Special . . .

Learning Prep School (LPS) is an innovative place for students with language and learning disabilities in grades 3 through 12. Our faculty and staff work together to integrate language skills into all classes, subject areas, programs and activities. The entire curriculum is specifically designed to support learners with language-based and other learning disabilities.

At LPS, you’ll find very small classes and a teaching faculty collaborating with staff counselors, speech & language and occupational therapists. We're committed to nurturing self-confidence and building skills through a high quality, research-based curriculum across a range of levels.

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Learning Prep School is an innovative school for students with language and learning disabilities. Understanding that language skills are the basis for all learning, LPS's unique curriculum integrates the teaching of language skills in all subjects.

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